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    We are a Canberra-based consultancy focused on helping Government agencies
    exploit technology to implement their rules, policies and procedures.
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    Our people combine legal, policy and technology experience.
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    We are not locked to particular technologies or techniques.
    We help you choose the right tools.


We listen to your problems, and together find ways to solve them with technology.

Assurance and Compliance

We review your existing systems down to the code level, identify applicable rules and policies, and help you isolate compliance risks.

Complex Business Rules Automation

We can implement complex business rules on a variety of technology platforms, to help your agency apply policies more consistently and efficiently.

We combine, policy, legal and technology expertise to help your agency execute policy and meet legal requirements more efficiently.

Our Vision And Mission

To help agencies improve the efficiency of public administration by leveraging technology.

Listen to your problems and understand your perspective

We try hard to understand your problems, rather than leap to a solution.

Provide objective and justified advice

We aim to give robust, objectively justifiable advice with measurable outcomes, rather than cookie cut solutions with agendas.

Incremental, time-boxed, solutions that provide good value for money

We strongly believe in incremental, time-boxed and staged solutions with measurable outcomes.

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.

- Thomas Berger -

Meet Our Team

  • James McKay

    James McKay - Executive Director

    James has over 15 years of experience in Canberra in legal, public administration and technology implementation roles. James’ extensive and deep administrative law and systems expertise, strong communication and stakeholder management skills, and legal background provides a unique skill set for agencies and organisations seeking to improve policy implementation of accurate, transparent and complex enterprise wide decision making. James has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University.

  • Tobias Brown

    Tobias Brown

    Tobias has over 9 years of experience developing award winning technology solutions for Government agencies in Australia and abroad. Whether it's building front ends for web applications or components for large back end systems, Tobias loves rolling up the sleeves to solve complex technical problems. Tobias holds a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from the Australian National University.

  • Nicholas Miller

    Nicholas Miller

    Nick has 13 years experience working in legal, policy and technology roles, including as a policy advisor at a central agency, tax advisor at a large accounting firm, and as a technology consultant at one of the world's largest software companies. At GovLawTech, he has helped several government agencies leverage technology to implement diverse regulations, including for environmental protection and employee entitlements. He has degrees in accounting and law from ANU and a Masters of Taxation Law from the University of Sydney.


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Our Services

Our services focus on helping your organisation exploit technology to implement your policies and comply with applicable requirements.


Independent, objectively justified advice on:

  • How technology can help with your particular problems
  • Decision management systems
  • Process and workflow automation
  • Opportunities for efficiency gains
  • Risk Management


We review your existing systems down to the source code level to ensure compliance with:

  • Legislation and regulations your agency administers
  • Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013
  • Your agency's Accountable Authority Instructions or similar policies
  • Archives Act 1983
  • Commonwealth Procurement Rules
  • Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines
  • Freedom of Information Act 1982

Business Rules Implementation

We implement your business rules with the appropriate technology via

  • General purpose programming languages on .NET and JVM runtimes
  • Configuration of your existing workflow software
  • Production Rule Systems: JBoss Drools or IBM ILOG JRules
  • Embedded product rule technologies: Oracle Business Rules, SAP BRFplus
  • Rule authoring in Oracle Policy Automation

Is your agency interested in leveraging technology to improve the efficiency of public administration?

Regulatory Systems Survey

Get started on the path to reducing your agency's compliance risks and identify efficiency gains by undertaking the Gov Law Tech Agency-wide Regulatory Systems Survey.

Using our 'law first' approach, Gov Law Tech can assist agencies to identify:

  • all systems that contribute to the administration of legislation the agency is responsible for under the Administrative Arrangements Order
  • any legal risks associated with systems that support agencies obligations to administer legislative and regulatory schemes
  • actual or potential compliance failures with such systems

Gov Law Tech packages these inputs into a simple report for agencies to prioritise their IT strategy and expenditure plans, focused on opportunities to deliver immediate and targeted efficiency gains and identify opportunities to minimise compliance risks associated with underlying systems and processes.

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We provide software to help your agency save time and reduce risk when handling Freedom of Information issues.

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Contact Us

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  • enquiries AT govlawtechcomau